Henry Bol, Kite Effect & Quality of Life.Tips från Haag, Nederländerna

Henry Bol has been very successful in digital marketing and management and is the founder of ”Kite Effect”, ”Quality of Life.Tips” and ”We are FLOW”.

His special interest is development – personal as well as organizational. From his own experience, highlights and lowlights, he abstracted the Kite Effect model to achieve goals in a better way. His basic statement is that the same mechanisms may lead one to success or failure. It’s all about making the right turn.

Kittebo is licensee of Kite Effect in Sweden. The major reason for choosing Kittebo as partner is her focus and ambition to improve life. This touches the core of Kite Effect and Quality of Life.Tips.

Goal oriented with a good quality of life: that’s all about the right partnerships.